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Tackling Exam Stress

🌎 Many of our young people will be spending the Easter break and the weeks after preparing for exams. Studying can be stressful. Here’s our top 1️⃣0️⃣ tips for maintaining well-being and positive mental health. 🌎

📚 Make a realistic timetable, so that when you aren’t studying in non-study time you don’t feel guilty

📚 Switch up your venue so you don’t get cabin fever, the local library or even the park

📚 Maintain support, if you access a counsellor, well-being worker or pastoral support still go to these appointment

📚 Open a window when indoors so that you have fresh air

📚 Buddy up, could you pair up with a friend studying the same subject

📚 Get some exercise, it helps to release endorphins which gives you a feel good factor

📚 Have a good sleep routine, try and shower and go to sleep at the same time each evening, and wake each morning at the same time

📚 Practise some mindfulness, stretches, massage pressure points, short meditations and positive affirmations will all help to help you feel balanced

📚 Eat for wellness, lots of fruit and vegetables, high protein foods and lots of water for hydration

📚 Take a break, connect with friends and family and have fun

We wish everyone 🍀 good luck 🍀 in their studies. Don’t forget the session leads at all of the SYCP sessions are also there to help if you feel overwhelmed by exam stress.

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