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Another Evening of Volunteering at The Wetlands

What a fantastic start to our volunteering. 🥰

Tonight the group learnt how to mix cement for the rock garden and Beth who studied brick laying was an absolute pro, on hand to teach the rest of the group how it's done. Fab stuff. 👏✔👍

The girls worked away in the allotment area painting a planter, water feature and bird boxes. 🎨🖌

Kieran got to work taking photographs of the wildlife and flowers for his Wetlands photo album. 📷 💐 🦋🦎

The group are also planning on helping Ian to creat a hidden pond for the wildlife that visits each year but needs rescuing when the water dries up. 💪

During our next visit work will also start on the newt hut. 🛖🦎

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