DofE - The 5 Ds

🧭 We were so busy teaching map and navigation skills tonight that this was the only photo we took 🤦‍♀️

🚶‍♀️🚶 Our DofE participant's paired up to each in turn lead a leg of the journey tonight, using the five D's of navigation strategy.

Long established with trainers and mountain professionals alike, using the five D’s at the beginning of each navigation leg, particularly when first learning these vital skills, ensures that no essential information is missed and adds structure to our decision making process when navigating in the mountains.

At the start of each leg we should consider a number of factors and the five D’s approach ensures we do not miss vital information in our decision making.

Distance – (how far is it)

Duration – (how long will it take)

Direction – (which way should I go)

Description – (What will I see along the way)

Destination – (What should I see at the end of the leg)

Some superb map and navigation skills tonight guys well done 👌

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