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Holiday Club Week 3

Holiday Club Week 3

Holiday club delights this week (it’s a long post because we had so much going on) 🥰:


🧃Breakfast - Brioche, fromage frais, fresh juice

🥡 Lunch - Sweet and Sour or Chinese Style Curry loaded with veg, served with fluffy rice.

The children also participated in a tasting activity, having prawn crackers to try all sorts of oriental sauces such as sweet chilli and satay.

🌯 Tea - Build Your Own Wrap Station, with cookies and fruit to follow.

5️⃣ Our menu provided our children with at least five of their recommended five a day portions of fruit and vegetables.

🛍 We provided 10 GK Kids Outreach Kits; the children prepared and assembled the kits for their friends who could not get a place at holiday club! We start early with social action at SYCP!

🏠 We also provided over 20 portions of curry/sweet and sour to families for them to enjoy at home

🍇🍒The children had a session around the origins of food, identifying various fruit and vegetable and telling us about what recipes we could prepare using the vegetables and how we must wash and prepare food safely 🔪💦

🥗 They also prepared all of the vegetables and salads for both lunch and tea, as well as tidying up after themselves.



The canteen; creativity, cookery, chilling.

Throughout the day we made or played:

Lemon scented playdoh


Number and letter games



Sticking and gluing

3D animal portraits

Thoughtful cards for friends, families and neighbours

Tissue paper stained glass windows


🐛We are lucky to live near Waldridge Fell. Today we explored the local area to look out for different mini beasts, birds, trees, animals, signs of summer and other things of interest. We collected fallen leaves and twigs that we used later today to create artwork 🍃

🏀 Leigh and June Corrigan also spent the afternoon teaching us how to play netball. Thank you so much for your time!

We had lots of time at the play park next door to the community centre.


🥋 We played games on the morning and on the afternoon Alan Craig from Craig Style Fighting returned to teach us the basics of martial arts.


We made animal egg cartoon portraits. Mixed media.

Our budding young creatives chose an animal they thought best suited their personality. They then mixed their own colour ways using only primary colours to paint their portraits. By using only primary colours they expanded their knowledge of how to make the colours they need without relying on ready made paints. Each young artist selected a background colour to compliment their portrait so not to clash with their animal.

They used their best maths and coordination skills to work out how to frame their 3D animal portrait. Even artists have to use maths!

Art isn’t always about the things we make or an activity to fill time. It’s about allowing our young people to have a creative outlet in a safe, non judgemental environment to express themselves emotionally.

🤺 We also had Chris from Durham Phoenix Fencing Club teaching the year 5s and 6s how to fence. We are looking forward to Chris running a 5 week Fencing workshop starting in September.



👔 Parents attended to collect immaculate pre-loved school uniforms, there is another chance to collect this Friday 1-4pm. See website for booking details.


🙋‍♂️🙋 Not one but two guests joined us today! Our funder Chester-le-Street AAP and Kevan Jones MP. They spoke to the staff and volunteers, but more importantly the children. We were called a five star project which is testament to the drive and determination of the staff and volunteers, and the direction and leadership of our trustees.


📑 We have been asked to participate in a partnership research project with DCC’s public health team around Covid 19, communication and ongoing support. The parents and carers kindly completed surveys and the children had a mini age appropriate Covid consultation.

Thank you to Chester le Street and District Area Action Partnership and The JD Foundation for funding our summer holiday programme 🙏🏻

Thank you to our amazing staff and volunteer team for setting the bar so high yet again!

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