International Pizza Week

😍Friday Minis and Juniors😍

🍕This week was international pizza week so we had pizza and Italian themed activities! 🇮🇹

🧱🖇We created our own Leaning Tower of Pisa paper crafts and Lego towers

🇮🇹We made Italian flag coloured playdoh

🏐 We played England vs Italy Dodgeball (rain stoped our football tournament going ahead but we quickly adapted indoors!)

🍕We had a Pizza station for tea to encourage everyone to try new flavours and toppings and we made fondant cornflake cakes using food donations for a sweet treat.

FACT: Did you know that we make all of the meals in-house? 🥧🥣 Thanks to donations from Greggs and other local retailers we need to buy very little and can make a hot meal at a cost of 0p to £1 per child per meal with the average meal costing 50p ♥️

🤩 Interesting facts about The Leaning Tower of Pisa

➡️It took 199 years to construct

➡️It is one of the seven wonders of the medieval world

➡️It was designed by architect ➡️Bonnano Piscano

➡️There are seven bells in the bell chamber

➡️There are 296 steps to the top

Everyday is a lesson at SYCP



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