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Mini Melodies

Today we had our first Mini Melodies session from our new family hub.

The sessions are designed to help with:

💬 Speech and Language Development

- Exploring rhythm and wordplay with finger puppets introduces children to the sounds of spoken language. It gives them the ability to segment and manipulate sounds - a key component of literacy and reading preparation.

- When children mimic the facilitator by singing along or responding to songs, they are increasing their vocabulary and developing their listening and comprehension skills.

- Repeating phrases and words encourages the shaping of vowels and consonants.

🤚🏻Fine and Gross Motor Skills

- Some action songs include repetition and practise of finger isolation while others encourage motor planning skills and bilateral coordination movements.

- These actions help to develop hand and finger strength and coordination, (necessary for a child to correctly hold and control a pencil when drawing and writing), and encourage body awareness, finger awareness, co-ordination of hand or foot movement, hand-eye coordination and foot-eye coordination.

🩰 Best of all - We all love dancing and catching the bubbles when it’s bubble time at the end of the session

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