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Moor House Trip

🎯 😃 Yesterday some of our senior youth group and DofE members teamed up with our area NHS Youth Practitioner for a day of fun and food at Moor House Adventure Centre.

🪵🧶⏳💡As part of a pioneering team challenge the group had to work together to construct a seesaw out of large pieces of wood and ropes. This was a huge challenge and involved a great deal of teamwork. The group learnt how to tie knots to secure the wood in place and then tested their construction at the end which was successful in holding those who dared try it out. 😱

🌭🥔🧀🍓🍉🫒At lunchtime the group enjoyed hotdogs and jacket potatoes cooked on the fire pit, aswell as a selection of fruit and toasted marshmallow smores.

🧗‍♂️🤝💪 After lunch was The Cube, a high ropes course that is very nerve-racking! Taking young people out of their comfort zones, helping them develop trust, communication skills and gain confidence.

Well done everyone, you all did a fab job 😀👌

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