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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Last week was International Random Acts of Kindness Week

Over the 7 days we covered stories from people who have carried out a “Random Act of Kindness”

Read on below to meet them

Day 1

Meet Ryan

Ryan has been with us since he started mini juniors when he was nearly 5 and is a very sensitive and thoughtful young man.

He has an inquisitive mind and from starting with us he has blown us away with his knowledge and conversations about the universe, religion, politics and the creation of the earth .

Recently we heard 8 year old Ryan decided that he would ask his great grandma to be his valentine as she has been alone isolating now for months and he was concerned about her . He took her a card and some chocolates and really cheered her up. What a lovely act of kindness Ryan!


Day 2

Meet George (and Ian)

George is quite possibly the most thoughtful and selfless young man we have ever met.

A short while ago George decided he would purchase Greggs vouchers with any money he received for his birthday to give out to homeless people or people who are in need.

George’s idea snowballed when family friend Ian Bennington posted about the kind heartfelt gesture made by George. Friends of Ian asked if they could make a donation too. Ian purchased extra vouchers and delivered them to George as a surprise on his birthday .

In the autumn last year, George and his family went to Newcastle Foodbank to deliver Greggs Vouchers.

He he also wanted people local to him to benefit, so George and Ian decided to donate vouchers to the Food for Thought food bank ran by Sacriston Youth Project which helps people in need who live in the Sacriston division.

Since finding out about our work, Ian has been a regular supporter of the foodbank and the youth project Christmas Appeal thank you Ian.

Thank you so much for sharing your birthday gift George Your generosity has touched us all


Day 3

Meet Beth

Since Beth joined SYP when she was 5, she has astonished us with her positive can do outlook on life. She has bags of confidence and will have a go of everything and anything. Absolutely nothing will be a barrier to Beth, she will keep trying over and over until she cracks it.

Last month 8 year old Beth decided she would bake cookies to give out with a thank you letter to neighbours who had given her a Christmas present.

That’s such a lovely idea Beth We love to hear about our young people being appreciative and thankful to others.


Day 4

Thank you to our mystery supporter.

B&M Birtley have been with SYP since we joined the Food for Thought project in March 2020.

Since then they’ve had a donation trolley in store that customers can donate items to.

After having a virtual catch up with the manager we were told about a particular customer who stands out, an older lady who walks to the store every week and fills a basket with items to donate, she always thinks “outside the box” and purchases items that would be useful to families with babies, or a family with someone suffering from an illness.

We don’t know who this lady is, but we are very grateful to her for her thoughtfulness and generosity


Day 5

Meet Chris

During Covid Chris has given out 250 well-being stones as random acts of kindness and has provided stones for the Food for Thought community shelves.

Chris has also given them for us to include in the Gourmet Kids Kits so that the children can gift them to someone did you find a well-being stone on your doorstep?

Thank you for your continued support Chris


Day 6

Trustee Heather batch cooks meals to give out as a surprise to friends and neighbours.

She drops off surprise bags of shopping too.

We hear she is a fabulous cook!


Day 7

These thank you cards were a surprise from Kaydar to our next door neighbour RECYCLD in a random act of kindness to say thank you so much for the online Women and Girls project.

They all included personal messages from the participants.

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