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👩🏼‍🏫 School might be out, but we never stop learning at SYCP

🙌🏻 Today was the first holiday club of the summer and today was all about science, how things are made and how they work.

There was so much going on indoors, outside and at the park.

😋😋Meals we enjoyed today were:

Breakfast - pastries, cereal and fresh fruit juices

Lunch - Baked Potato with toppings bar

Tea - picnic in the park

🥳🥳Activities we enjoyed today were:

In the canteen area:

- Cook, chill and create

- Mindfulness Colouring, Harry Potter and Disney themed

- Awesome “me” talking about things we are good at and special for

- Made cards for special people

- Decorated stones to hide in the village for others to find

- Lego creations

- Made fresh Lavender scented playdoh

- Chilled in the cosy reading corner

- Numeracy and Literacy activities such as Suduko, crosswords and word searches

- Lots of self-led activities for when the children needed to be out of the heat and to have some calm/quieter activities.

In the small hall area:

- Made dancing matchstick men

- Made Hovercrafts from old CDs and balloons

- Learned how to be creative and communicate using graffiti art

In the big hall

- We had two Sublime Science parties with science show and workshops for group one and then group two


- Sports day

- Park time

- We built a SYCP community from cardboard

- Visit from Kings Cafe ice cream van


- Today everyone received a free goody bag with an SYCP cap, a keep cool water bottle, and sunscreen.

- Everyone took home a pamper bag to give to mam or someone of their choice. The bags were filled with hair, skin and beauty products, as well as slippers and chocolates.

- We also gave out free Gourmet Kids boxes with fresh ingredients to make corned beef pie and beans, and Thai chicken curry with loads of veggies and rice, and pop-at-home popcorn for a rainy movie family day.

🥰 Thank you to the SYCP staff and volunteer team for raising the bar yet again.

🥰 Thank you to everyone who attended today, you were all amazing and so well behaved

🥰 Thank you to Chester le Street AAP and The JD Foundation for funding our Summer holiday clubs, enabling us to provide everything for free to our families 🙏🏻

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