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We’ve Been to Wimbledon

🎾We’ve been to Wimbledon🎾

🍀Well not all of us, the lucky two were Gemma and Daniel O’Brien 🍀

Sacriston Youth and Community Project is a member of the Street Games network of over 1000 trusted organisations concerned with the wellbeing of disadvantaged young people.

🎟Street Games had 10 tickets for Wimbledon 2021 to say thank you and show their appreciation to organisations in their network who delivered a vibrant, unique and varied offer to young people. We are delighted that the North East Area Director nominated SYCP for two tickets including train travel 🎟

🤗The trustees chose Gemma because of her commitment and dedication to SYCP as well as the support she gives to every member of our staff and volunteer team. She is a fantastic support to our schools and parents and an excellent ambassador for SYCP🤗

🚚🗄The trustees chose Daniel because he has been a top volunteer since we opened in 2017. From van driver, furniture remover, football coach, accountant, to our fetch and carrier in all weathers. We are so grateful to have him on our volunteer team. More than once he has ended up soaked, covered in mud with bleeding gashes on his head after wrestling a filing cabinet down a spiral stair case in the pouring rain during one of our many moves. But he keeps coming back for more 🤕😬

StreetGames launched in 2007 to change lives, change communities and change sport. Today, StreetGames helps over 1000 community organisations across the UK to take sport to the doorstep in disadvantaged communities.

🙏🏻 Thank you to Street Games for nominating us and giving Gemma and Daniel this fantastic opportunity 🙏🏻

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