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Crafternoon Turns Their Hand to Enterprise!

⏰ Tonight we tried our hand at resin art! We made resin coasters using foraged foliage and glitter and quirky things including Lego! We can’t wait to sell these at Nettlesworth Fun Day next weekend, they are beautiful!

🧠 Using resin is a tricky process, the children had to prepare the resin with extremely accurate measures, use their awesome fine motor skills to precisely place their chosen design in the resin moulds, and be super patient whilst following a strict process to ensure the resin would cure.

💰 We also talked about enterprise and how a charity is ran. Apparently they’re going to price up the coasters at £100 each 🤣🤣🤣 as they love coming to all the sessions and activities at SYCP!

💚Well done kids💚

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