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Fabulous Foody Fun With an Indian Vibe

☀️ School Holiday Fun Continues ☀️

Today’s session was foody focussed. The children joined us to make a mini Indian banquet…

🐔 Chicken marinaded three ways with aromatic herbs and spices

🫓 Chapati

🫑 Vegetables galore

🍚 Boiled rice

🥒 Beautifully fresh and cooling Raita

🌎 Today was very special as we used vegetables grown from seed at our very own allotment! Our first plot to pot meal! The children were very intrigued by the yellow courgette and prickly cucumber. 🌎

♻️ Understanding where food comes from is a key part of our Gourmet Families programme and the allotment is a significant asset to us ♻️

So… why do we incorporate food based activities in to our schedule 💭

🔪 Preparing and cooking food is a life skill

💷 Food can be expensive, however there are tips and tricks that can make good food affordable

🌎 We can include sustainability, the environment , the shop local agenda and tackling food waste

⚖️ Weighing, measuring and reading recipes all contribute to literacy and numeracy skills

❤️ It promotes a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with food

🍽 Sharing a meal together builds relationships with peers

🥬 Working together develops communication and teamwork skills

⭐️ Infact the benefits are endless ⭐️

👀 Look out for our Gourmet Kids Saturday Kitchen Live sessions being added to the website for the autumn and winter… we’ve got some fabulous never-seen recipes up our sleeve!

Thank you to Fun and Food and Chester le Street and District Area Action Partnership for funding our holiday programme which is free to all participants.


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