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Foody Friday Family Favourite

🍝 This weeks recipe was everyone’s family favourite…. Spaghetti Bolognaise…but with lots of twists.🍝

❔Did you know that the average shop bought tomato pasta sauce contains 35% of and adult and nearly 50% of a small child’s daily intake of sugar in one portion!


💰 So… we ditched the expensive, sugary, high fat shop bought branded sauces and made our own.

Our sauce is based on 🍅 tomato passata or chopped tomatoes (you can get white label chopped tomatoes for around 30p) with tomato purée to add intensity.

Adding garlic, a range of vegetables and some Italian herbs and voila! You have a beautiful homemade sauce without all the nasties.

💡Top Tips💡

🥬Buy cheaper mince, as long as you drain the water and fat it will be just as nice

🧄Try adding store cupboard items such as Worcestershire Sauce or Balsalmic vinegar to give it a tang

🌶Roast fresh tomatoes to give natural sweetness to your dish

🫑You can add additional veg such as mushrooms and courgette

🌽Add a quarter of the quantity of mince you use of red lentils to push up the protein and make your dish go further

🥭Always cook you spaghetti al-dente so it adds texture to your dish

🍎Double up your ingredients and put the other half in the freezer for another day

🍠Bolognaise can easily be converted in to chilli con carne by adding beans, paprika, chilli and cumin.

🫐Or lasagne with lasagne sheets and a bechamel sauce

🍇If you have fussy children who don’t like veg why not blend your sauce so that it’s hidden

🍓 The recipe can easily be made in a slow cooker if you brown your mince ahead of time

🥒 Utilise what you already have before going out to buy ingredients, dried garlic works as well as fresh, as do frozen peppers and onions. No spaghetti? Any pasta shape will do!

Today’s recipe cost 68p per portion!

👏🏻 This is also a firm favourite at Holiday Club and Minis and Juniors 👏🏻


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