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Happy Healthy Holidays for Half Term

We ❤️ Holiday Club ❤️

Today we were super busy, we ran out of time to do all of our planned activities 📆

We started our morning by getting our “cook on” making American style pancakes and fruit smoothies… The children independently followed the recipes, weighed and measured and cooked using real utensils.


We then got busy making 🐦 bird feeders 🐦 and have “homework” to do a big bird watch at home…. Did you know bird watching is a great mindful activity, even if you can’t get outdoors opening a window whilst you are watching from the house is a great way to increase the sensory experience ☀️

Lunch was butchers sausages, stuffed jackets and beans! There were clean plates awards all round 🍽

Our afternoon was STEM themed…

🌉 Building straw bridges

🧲 Creating magnet towers

🧱 Constructing with Lego

🎴Domino Paths

🌎 The STEM activities required problem solving, critical thinking and working as a team to complete the tasks. 🌎

🤸‍♀️ We broke up our day with movement breaks with active games to make our cheeks pink and our hearts beat faster 💓

⚠️ The children all went home with a home safety activity pack and we look forward to finding out what they learned when we see them at our next session.

👏🏻 Every holiday club is meticulously co-created with our children and young people so that they feel valued and get to experience new activities, foods and learn new skills for life 👏🏻

🧐 Can you believe we fit all of that in to a day 🥰

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