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Nettlesworth Primary School Inset Day with SYCP

🗓 At the end of November we had 30 children from Nettlesworth primary school spend the day with us at a one off holiday club while the school was closed for an Inset day.

🤹‍♀️ We provided a fun filled day of educational activities starting with a circus workshop on the morning. It was a fun, lively and creative circus session. The session involved games, manipulation (juggling, hula hooping, diabolo, poi) all things balance ( tight wire, walking on stilts) and a bit of acrobatics.

🧠 On the afternoon we had a STEM Enterprise session working in line with Gatsby Benchmarks and OFSTED priorities.

💼 The enterprise challenge gave the students the opportunity to enter the ‘Dragons Den’. Inspired by the popular TV programme, students designed a product and presented it to each other.

👨‍🔬 Working in teams, pupils assessed their own strengths and weaknesses, and took on their roles to run a successful business. The teams brainstormed various product ideas before developing a final product design.

🔬 The teams chose to build and develop a micro soap and bath-bomb making business, including making and keeping their own soap creations.

🎅🏻 The children also played party games and made Christmas crafts.

🍽 All of our meals are made in house and fresh on the day.

🥞 The children enjoyed breakfast of pancakes with a topping station. Hunters chicken and steak casserole with roast potatoes for lunch. Most children had both and cleared their plates! For tea they had home made pie, peas or beans. Children who left at 15:30 were given a sandwich to take home.

⏰ It was a long day 08:30-17:30, much longer than a normal school day. However the children had lots of non stop fun and lots to keep them busy. They still didn’t want to leave when parents came to collect them at 17:30. We were absolutely worn out 😴

🚌 We are looking forward to our holiday clubs, trips and residentials in 2022. How can we make them better than they were this year??

🗳 If you have any suggestions please let us know by inbox or emailing us.

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