New Up-cycling Workshop with RecycLD

♻️Wednesday’s are all about upcycling♻️

👩🏼‍🏫Last night we started our first after school educational session delivered by RecycLD.

👨🏼‍🎓The aim of the session is to teach our young people the skills to reuse and repurpose and encourage this habit from an early age.

✅There are lots of benefits from this type of activity.

♻️You will be doing your bit for Mother Nature - recycling and repurposing household items and materials reduces what goes to landfill. Recycling also requires minimal use of natural resources.

🆕You learn a new crafty repair skills and encourages creativity and innovation.

🪑Make One-of-a-kind items. Using your creativity and new up-cycling skills to make a unique and bespoke item that no one else has🛋

💷Financial benefits will save you money by reusing and repurposing clothing, household items and other materials.

🤗Fantastic for mental health - The activities also have a meditative quality due to there repetition, but also require focus and attention, which can provide healthy distraction from other stresses. Along with there full engagement of the senses, these activities can help us engage in mindfulness, keeping us in the present moment.

Thank you to Greggs bakery for providing the savouries and sweet treats for our after school sessions.

We ate looking forward to tonight’s Woodwork after school educational session.


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