Paintballing Ain’t For the Fainthearted!

🔫 Some of our Seniors braved Paintballing today. This is something that they have wanted to try for a long time.

🔫 We think it’s fair to say they all had a fabulous time. We just need a million more paintballs next time! 😆

🌎 Our seniors holiday programme was co-created by our lovely young people, we gave them the task of coming up with challenging activities, things they hadn’t tried before, places they hadn’t visited, and alternative physical activities. This is all part of our aim to give them opportunities ordinarily out of their reach, to stretch them and to potentially identify unique skills and talents 🌎

🔫 Paintballing is not only fun (and hurts) but it also promotes team work, problem solving, communication and it’s a heck of a workout🏋️‍♀️

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