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Young Achiever of the Year

We want to send the hugest congratulations to Katie Jones who is one of our young employees.

She has won NE Youth Young Achiever of the year award.

Everyone connected to the youth project and wider community will know Katie has been with us since day one. First she joined the youth project as one of our juniors, then a young volunteer on our team and has been employed with us since she was 13.

At 15 years old Katie has achieved so much already. As well as a list of qualification’s from First Aid, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Food hygiene, Sexual Health to name a few, Katie has a list of interest as long as her (very long) arm. She is a fire cadet watch manager at Durham Fire Station, plays for Consett Rugby Club, surfs at Tynemouth Surf Co and plays for Sacriston Cricket Club.

In September she won Young Person of the Year at DABGC annual awards.

Katie is very driven and focussed. Thanks to her amazing supportive family and the support she receives from Sacriston Youth Project and other clubs she belongs to, she is well on her way to becoming a very successful adult.

Katie said to add that she is also a top scranner and will eat absolutely anything.

Well done Katie!

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