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Youth Council on Tour

💙Tonight our Youth Council visited the Newton Hall Co-op branch to meet our fabulous Co-op Pioneer Paula Snowdon and Multi-Site Manager Gary Colpitts💙

We are currently a Co-op Local Community Fund cause and are raising funds for our community allotment.

Paula and Gary invited us along for an exclusive

VIP tour!

🌎 Learning the principles of Fairtrade and how the Co-op were trailblazers in bringing it in to their stores

🌎 The early years of the Co-op and how they were innovative in produce quality and their concept of membership

🌎 The soft plastic recyling scheme, enabling customers to recycle even more than they could if they only did kerbside recycling

🌎 In store innovations to reduce carbon emissions with magic lights!

🌎 Food waste and how to reduce it

🌎 Clever packaging and secret barcodes

💡 Our Youth Council have came away inspired to implement some of the Co-ops ways at Sacriston Youth and Community Project…. Watch this space.

The team kindly donated us a range of Fairtrade products which are making their way to our coffee station, and the veggies are already prepared for a yummy vegetable soup for our Wombles team tomorrow. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

If you are already a Co-op member please choose us as your preferred cause as every time you shop we get a donation to add to our running total and it doesn’t cost you a penny 💰

If you aren’t a member you can join by following the below link 👇

❓ Did you know the Rochdale Pioneers are famous for creating the Rochdale Principles that all Co-ops around the world use and operate to, to this day. They were founded in 1844 at 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, and there is still a museum there celebrating their innovations!


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