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Minis and Juniors Exploring Mental Health and Well-being Strategies

💚We believe that integrating mental health and well-being in to all of our sessions is the way to get children, young people and adults to adopt strategies and behaviours every day that help them stay mentally well. 💚

💬 We like to start them young so that conversations become expected and creates an open forum for ongoing support. 💬

🍃 Embracing the outdoors at our Forest School site and visiting the allotment to see the animals; the animals enable us to talk about caring for others, keeping safe and encourages empathy towards living things

🧱 Playing Lego and Marble Run with our friends promotes team work, negotiation and connecting with each other

🌸 Making sensory play doh with sparkles and lavender gives us an opportunity to talk about every day worries, and ways to address this

🎨 Making cards for our neighbours and families enabled us to think about loneliness and random acts of kindness and how it can make someone’s day with just the smallest of things

👧 Our Minis and Juniors never fail to amaze us with their insight, natural caring personas and understanding of the world around them 👦

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